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Because Africa is the core of who we are, at AfriCore we strive to lay a sustainable economic foundation for Africa’s future generations. Whilst our gains may, in the short term, liberate us from need, we insist that our business ventures should also open horizons for Africa to rise into an equal trading partner, and ultimately influence the manner in which business is conducted.

Our areas of business activities are our passion, namely information and communications technology, democratic governance, organisational effectiveness, intellect, visual arts, airport services, humanity and investments. We are open to do business inside and outside of the continent.

AfriCore is our foundational anvil where from several entities are spawning. Africa is our epicenter and our source of strength and inspiration.


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Africore AfricaFrom our Johannesburg base we associate and co-operate with companies in Hong Kong, Germany, Holland, Australia, Brazil, the USA and Africa.

As business activists for democracy we have distinguished ourselves in the business of delivering sound electoral systems to buttress good governance.

In our several careers we have enjoyed numerous opportunities to build national organisations that still stand firm today.

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