About Us: Our Vision and Mission

About Us


We operate in the good governance and democratic rule spaces as business activists, senior consultants and entrepreneurs doing the following:

  • Designing and delivering Electronic Voters’ Registers;
  • Designing and delivering National ID & Related Solutions;
  • Providing critical supplies for electoral and referenda processes;
  • Consulting on good governance projects in Africa;
  • Consulting for Election Management Bodies (EMB’s) and provision of project assurance services;
  • Organizing and delivering statutory elections for medical aid schemes, mining houses and tertiary institutions.

We are also Constitutional Law and constitutional education experts. Our solutions withstand the test of time and have been the standard bearer for our erstwhile clients.

AfriCore is driven by entrepreneurship evidenced through original, distinct and fresh projects viz.:

  • The iBoma hospitality services (airport lounge business concept).
  • Mobile Mentor SA, our GSM industry outing, on training users and promoting telephony technology.
  • The Humanitarian Magazine, our trail blazing publication for the discerning reader.
  • Visual Arts Gallery

Our cornerstones therefore are: Good Governance Consulting & Supplies; Entrepreneurship; and Equity.


We have evolved from democracy activists, and law and human rights educators, to institution builders for democracy and to commercial implementers of good governance projects.

Because of our long experience we have acquired a range of skills and capabilities, and appetite for medium to large complex projects.  We have anchored intellectual debate TV programs during the country’s constitution-making phase and set up national democratic institutions. We have travelled far and wide in support of democratic electoral processes, and in pursuit of entrepreneurial concepts and opportunities.

Our company structure attests to where we come from and where we are headed. The Holdings entity and its subsidiaries is our business identity. We are technicians, strategists, thinkers and businessmen and women.


On the good governance front our main clients are governments generally, and EMB’s in particular. Multinationals engage our services as consultants. Foundations and other NPO’s also enlist our services as observers of elections.

On the entrepreneurial front our clients are the general public, the open market segmented into airport users or travelers for our hospitality offering, smartphone users for our GSM offering and the discerning buyer for our premium art collection.


  • We work much harder
  • We are thoroughbred professionals
  • We are adequately skilled and experienced
  • We plan and execute projects
  • We are highly qualified
  • We are creative
  • We are strategic
  • We are visionaries

We are passionate about Africa! Dictum meum pactum = our word is our bond.

Clients Testimonials

Our Business Services

Good Governance

good governance

Good Governance

Our good governance projects have included democracy infrastructure development, electoral management and provision of managed services as consultants, management of manufacturers, service-providers and suppliers. Our resumes below illustrate our record in the continent and elsewhere in the world. We also have provided good governance advisory services to African governments through donor-funded projects.

Airport Services

airport services portfolio

Airport Services

Our airport services portfolio derives from our realisation, over the years, of the sub-standard passenger services in many airports in the continent. Our passenger services aims to bring other airports to the standard obtaining in some South African airports and providing a private resting space at an airport.

Visual Arts

visual arts portfolio1

Visual Arts

Our visual arts portfolio carries mainly West African art pieces collected during our business travels in the continent. Our premium art pieces symbolizing the continent in its contours are sold to a variety of collectors. Individuals and corporate consumers have leased some art pieces for their pride walls.

Investment Portfolio

investment portfolio1

Investment Portfolio

Our investment portfolio in diverse fields is our expression of our desire to introduce a culture of saving and working for the future. It is the center of our foundational anvil.

GSM Interests

africore gsm

GSM Networks

Our GSM interests are about bridging the gap between technology usage and the human race. Through Mobile Mentor South Africa (MMSA) we are establishing a technology-use training service.

Our Social Responsibility

AfriCore HumanityThe sole object and purpose of the Foundation is to use the Foundation Assets to, in a non-profit manner and for the benefit of the Beneficiaries, promote and highlight, through publications and other media and communications platforms, humanitarian endeavours’. The beneficiaries are: ‘persons and entities involved in humanitarian endeavours and courses; AND any voluntary association, foundation or similar entity, initiative or project established for the benefit of any person listed above’.

Our People

africore gumede

Bheki Gumede

Managing Director


africore prof

Mandla Mchunu
Executive Chairman and President

africore busi

Busi Kwinana
Administration and Finance Manager

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